About Meridian Energies

Biophoton Light Therapy | Bioresonance Therapy | Bioelectrography

Your body is an incredibly sophisticated biological computer, that uses energy in the form of Light to function. This body is entirely capable of self-correction, and in fact, that is what it was designed to do. Just remember the last cut or bruise you had. All the body requires in order to heal itself of any type of disease state is coherent information, and the quickest, most efficient information is delivered in the form of Light.

The day to day environment that most of us live in is highly incoherent, due to a massive increase in the use of things like electromagnetic energy, (such as mobile phone technology) and the body can become confused by all the conflicting information. We live in a sea of information, that functions 24/7, with no breaks, and no respite.

At Meridian Energies, we use cutting edge technology designed by physicists and bio-engineers, to detect incoherent Light (disease) in the body systems, and to deliver coherent Light information packages back to the organism, which allows the body to self-correct. The technique is rapid, painless, and highly effective.

We utilize different types of devices, and we have products that can be used on a daily basis to support and protect the body from being confused by all the destabilizing and conflicting energy that it is surrounded with every day.