Consultation Process


What to expect during a session

Your first session with us is to assess the current setting of the body and all things related to it. We start by understanding the current issues that you are affecting you and build out a treatment protocol based on the goals and objectives of our clients. At your first session includes the use of our instrument to provide an overview and seriousness of whatever the current issues are.
What is measured energetically is not always manifested or visible in the physical, and some disturbances that are manifested are not measurable. So a statement as to whether someone does or does not have a disease has no place in the diagnoses process.  The aim of this treatment is to release energetic blockages and disturbances in the body to restore its self-healing capacity.


However, after seeing many clients as we do we recognize patterns and correlations. This allows them to share a personal interpretation of what might be causitive in a disease, which can be very accurate. When sharing these interpretations, it should always be known to the client that they are not diagnoses.

Full attention

During the full session, which typically lasts for three hour the practitioner is with you in the room. Observation and conversation are an important part of the entire process and things will be share that may allow the client to move forward in a very clear and straight forward manner.

No additional manipulations

Apart from the treatment with the body’s own light, the uses no other means to manipulate the physical or energetic body. No supplements, (medical) drugs*, crystals, spiritual healing, other therapies etc. are added, since they will all just interfere with the body’s own course of healing initiated by the light treatment, and delay or even block results.

*Meridian Energies treatments can still be applied effectively for clients currently taking doctor-prescribed medications and supplements, we do not generally recommend any changes to existing prescriptions, but it is to be expected that more sessions than average are required usually three times as many sessions depending upon the types of and use of current medications.

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