At Meridian Energies, we use cutting edge technology designed to detect incoherent Light (disease) in the body systems, and to deliver coherent Light information packages back to the organism, which allows the body to self-correct. We also utilize different types of devices, and we have products that can be used on a daily basis to support and protect the body from being confused by all the destabilizing and conflicting energy that it is surrounded with every day.

Consultation Process

What to expect during a session

Bioresonance Practitioner

Your first session with us is to assess the current setting of the body and all things related to it. We start by understanding the current issues that you are affecting you and build out a treatment protocol based on the goals and objectives of our clients. At your first session includes the use of our instrument to provide an overview and seriousness of whatever the current issues are.

What is measured energetically is not always manifested or visible in the physical, and some disturbances that are manifested are not measurable. So a statement as to whether someone does or does not have a disease has ...

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