• About Direct-to Cell Technology

    Direct-to-Cell™ Technology is a next-gen delivery method that uses the power of enhanced micro-minerals to deliver essential nutrients on the cellular level. Renova has the only products in the world that undergo this proprietary technology.

    1. The minerals are 20x smaller than human cells (significantly smaller than any other supplement in the world).
    2. The minerals are then enhanced in various ways to further increase their bioavailability and potency, ensuring they are delivered to your cells where they are needed most!
  • Why is it needed?

    Nutrient-depleted foods and soils combined with higher levels of stress and social pressure are causing people’s bodies to burn micronutrients faster than ever.

    For decades, nutritional supplementation hasn’t really changed and micronutrition is needed more than ever. Sure, new drinks and shakes and pills come out all the time, but they’re all the same as ever, just with a new coat of paint. We’re changing the fundamentals of how supplements work.

  • Electronegative Compounding

    Electricity is all around us, even inside our bodies. This electricity is what runs through the central nervous system, connecting the brain and the body. This leads to thought, feeling, movement, and action. As is commonly understood, a positive charge is attracted to a negative charge (and repels a fellow positive charge). If you have ever played with magnets, you know what we are talking about.

    A negative charge is applied to the enhanced minerals. This negative charge means they are attracted to human cells like a magnet, further increasing their bioavailability. We also use this charge to bind the minerals to companion supplements, increasing the amount of nutrition that is delivered at the cellular level.

  • Companion Bonding

    Through the use of Renova's proprietary biopolymer compounding technology, we are able to increase the bioavailability of ingredients that are normally poorly absorbed.

    Using electronegative compounding, poorly absorbed ingredients are bound to highly bioavailable minerals. These bonds are designed to then break down at the cellular level, further delivering even more nutrition directly to the cells.

Does it Work?

The lightning formula has been the subject of 35+ medical journal publications covering various topics such as ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, stress, and many more.

Prosper is an advanced direct-to-mouth gut health supplement. It uses the research-backed Bacillus Subtilis HU58® and Bacillus Coagulans SC208® strains which are delivered in spore form. This makes them tremendously resilient to the harsh conditions of the stomach while keeping the product shelf-stable. We also include prebiotics and digestive enzymes, making Prosper a complete gut-health solution.